DocBuild Plus™ Benefits

DocBuild Plus™ is a fast and powerful paperless workflow solution. DocBuild Plus™ unifies all of your document related tasks into one very easy to use application. With DocBuild Plus™ in place, you can be more productive than ever.

DocBuild Plus™ Provides Answers

When people are asked why they still print so many documents… the most common answers are usually:

  • Paper is EASY and it is at my fingertips
  • I need to assemble different documents into a single file – many times needing to combine them from different software applications and even insert existing paper documents
  • I need to complete information on the document like putting my initials, signature, date, or other mark ups
  • I need to provide copies to other people who may not be using the same software as I do
  • We send out proposals, quotes , or contracts that need customer approval and signatures
  • We want to be more paperless but other software applications are too complicated and expensive

DocBuild Plus™ Delivers

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EASY Paperless Workflow
  • Eliminates most paper output by providing One-Click simplicity
  • Create and Combine virtually anything into an industry standard PDF file
  • Easy to use toolbar buttons and robust features enables users to accomplish any task in seconds
  • Interacts/Integrates with your existing systems and applications
  • Lowers current print related expenses
    (Stop buying expensive ink cartridges, paper, file folders and more)
Faster performance and Return-on-Investment
  • Extremely simple interface means Users will be productive right away
    – virtually no learning curve!
  • Makes Users more efficient / Improves customer service
  • Increases marketing time / Generate more revenue
Integration with many 3rd party applications
  • DocBuild Plus™ works with most email software, scanners, multi-function devices, and fax software
  • Direct integration with online e-Signature providers like DocuSign and EchoSign
  • Save-to-Cloud functionality enhances collaboration and storage
  • Save to many popular Document/Content Management Solutions
  • Custom Application integrations can be developed (contact Sales for more information)
Enhances Document / File Management
  • Save-to-Cloud functionality provides access 24/7 from virtually anywhere/any device
  • Smaller file sizes produced by utilizing advanced compression
  • Makes saving/retrieving documents really fast
  • Helps satisfy legal compliance and record retention requirements